Maintenance Methods and Misunderstandings of Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture Maintenance Methods

1. Maintain the gloss of the paint skillfully. Every month, use bicycle polishing wax to evenly wipe the surface of hotel furniture, and the furniture surface is as smooth as new. Because wax has the function of isolating air, furniture that has been wiped with wax will not become damp or moldy.

2. The luster of hotel furniture is cleverly restored. The luster on the surface of hotel furniture that has been used for a long time will gradually fade. If you frequently use a gauze dipped in floral water to gently wipe it, the furniture with a dull luster will look brand new.

3. Ceramic hotel furniture cleverly removes dirt. Ceramic tables and chairs can become covered with oil and dirt over time. Citrus peel contains a certain amount of alkalinity, and if it is dipped in a little salt without wiping, the dirt on ceramic hotel furniture is easily removed.

4. Skilled rust removal for metal hotel furniture. Metal furniture, such as coffee tables, folding chairs, etc., is prone to rusting. When rust first appears, cotton yarn dipped in a little vinegar can be used to wipe it off. For old rust, a thin bamboo strip can be gently scraped off, and then wiped with vinegar cotton yarn. Do not use sharp tools such as blades to scrape off to avoid damaging the surface layer. The newly purchased metal hotel furniture can be wiped with dry cotton yarn every day to maintain rust resistance for a long time.

5. Wooden hotel furniture is cleverly moth proof. Wooden hotel furniture often contains hygiene team or camphor extract blocks, which not only prevent clothes from being eaten by insects, but also prevent the phenomenon of insect infestation in hotel furniture. Garlic can be sliced into small sticks and stuffed into the holes, and sealed with putty to kill the insects inside the holes.

6. Cleverly remove oil stains from hotel furniture. The kitchen utensils in the kitchen are often full of oil stains and dirt, which is difficult to wash off. If you sprinkle some corn flour on the oil stains and wipe them repeatedly with a dry cloth, the oil stains can be easily removed.

7. Renovation of old hotel furniture. When the hotel furniture is old, the paint surface is peeling off and mottled. If you want to completely remove the old paint and refresh it, you can soak it in a pot of caustic soda solution in boiling water and apply it to the surface of the hotel furniture with a brush. The old paint will wrinkle immediately, then gently scrape off the paint residue with a small wooden chip, wash it clean with water, and dry it before applying putty and refreshing the paint.

8. The metal handle is cleverly rust proof. Applying a layer of varnish on the new handle can maintain long-term rust resistance.

9. The mirror of hotel furniture is exquisitely cleaned. Using waste newspapers to wipe the mirror not only quickly but also exceptionally smooth and dazzling. If the glass mirror is mixed with smoke, it can be wiped off with a cloth dipped in warm vinegar.

Misunderstandings in hotel furniture maintenance

1、 When wiping the hotel home, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn as a cloth. It is best to use absorbent fabrics such as towels, cotton cloth, cotton fabrics, or flannel to wipe hotel furniture. Coarse fabrics, fabrics with threads, or old clothes with stitching, buttons, etc. that can cause scratches on the surface of hotel furniture should be avoided as much as possible.

2、 Do not use a dry cloth to wipe the dust off the surface of the hotel home. Dust is composed of fibers, sand, and silica. Many people are accustomed to using a dry cloth to clean and wipe the surface of hotel furniture. In fact, these fine particles have damaged the paint surface of furniture in the back and forth friction. Although these scratches are minimal and even invisible to the naked eye, over time, they can cause the surface of hotel furniture to become dull and rough, losing its shine.

3、 Do not use soapy water, dishwashing detergent, or clean water to clean hotel furniture. Soap water, dishwashing detergent, and other cleaning products not only fail to effectively remove dust accumulated on the surface of hotel furniture, but also cannot remove silica particles before polishing. Moreover, due to their corrosive nature, they can damage the surface of hotel furniture, making the paint surface of furniture dull and dull. Meanwhile, if water seeps into the wood, it can also cause it to become toxic or deform locally, reducing its lifespan. Nowadays, many hotel furniture is made by fiberboard machines. If moisture seeps in, it is unlikely to evaporate in the first two years because formaldehyde and other additives have not completely evaporated. But once the additive evaporates, the moisture from the wet cloth can cause the hotel furniture to become toxic. I would also like to remind you that even if some furniture surfaces are coated with piano paint and can be wiped with clean water, do not leave a damp cloth on the surface of hotel furniture for a long time to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood.

4、 Hotel furniture care spray wax cannot be used to clean and maintain leather sofas. Many furniture care spray wax instructions state that they can be used to maintain leather sofas, which has led to many cleaning mistakes. The salesperson in the furniture store knows that furniture care spray wax can only be used to spray the surface of wooden furniture, and cannot be sprayed on sofas. This is because genuine leather sofas are actually the skin of animals. Once wax is sprayed on them, it can cause the pores of leather products to clog, and over time, the leather will age and shorten its service life.

5、 In addition, some people apply waxed products directly onto hotel furniture to make it look more shiny, or improper use can cause foggy spots on the surface of hotel furniture.

Post time: Jun-04-2024
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