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Hotel Furniture Customization

Ningbo Taisen Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in high-end furniture design, manufacturing, and sales. It was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China.

In the past 10 years, we have provided high-quality furniture for well-known brand hotels such as Hilton furniture bedroom set, IHG, Marriott  hotel room furniture and Global Haytt Corp and have received praise and support from customers. In the future, Taisen will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "professionalism, innovation and integrity", continuously improve product quality and service level, actively expand the international market, and create a beautiful customized experience for global consumers. 


The products include many series: Dining set series, apartment series, MDF/PLYWOOD type furniture series, solid wood fumiture series, hotel furniture series, soft sofa series and so on.We provides high quality one-station service of interior matched furiture for all levels of  guestroom, hotels, etc.



Taisen is a Hotel furniture supplier with factory customization service. We support custom hotel room furniture such as  packaging, color,size,and different hotel project etc. Each custom item has a different product MOQ. From product design to customization, Taisen provides the best value-added services for your products. We support customization for all products, Welcome to OEM&ODM orders !


In order to provide customers with more choices, we cooperate with many well-known hotel brands and become their preferred hotel furniture suppliers. Among them, Marriott, Hilton, IHG, ACCOR, Motel 6 gemini furniture, Best Western, Choice and Hotel Lobby Furniture have received unanimous praise from customers for some of their products. At the same time, we actively participate in furniture exhibitions both domestically and internationally, showcasing our products and technological strength, and continuously improving our brand awareness and influence.


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Manufacturing Benefits

Positive outcomes that result from optimizing priduction methods, and investing in skilled workers

Strict QC System

Meticulous checks and tests on various aspects, such as its studiness,ergonomic, materials, finishing, and overall performance

Complete Services

Our extensive service offering goes beyond just customization, with comprehensive after-sales support encompassing accessories and maintenance

Timely Delivery

Taisen Funiture achieving an impressive delivery accuracy rate of 95%.We will calculate the approximate delivery time for customers based on production time and sea freight time. Usually, we will send the goods within 15-20 days after the customer pays the final payment.

Profitable Wholesale Prices

Realized through efficient and streamlined production processes, combined with innovative design and the utilization of high-quality materials, resulting in cost-effective yet stylish and durable chairs.

One-stop service

Our goal is to provide customers with a one-stop hotel furniture customization service. When we receive orders from customers, we will ensure that they receive high-quality, efficient, and satisfactory solutions through professional drawing design, furniture material selection, production, and transportation processes.


Introduction to the Customization Process of Hotel Furniture

The company has a professional design team and experienced manufacturing workers, committed to providing customers with high-quality and high standard product custom made hotel room furniture services. Taisen focuses on quality and service, adhering to the customer-centric business philosophy. Through continuous technological innovation and strict quality control, we comprehensively meet customer needs and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

This year, we have continuously introduced and adopted advanced production technologies and equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, we also focus on innovation and continuously develop hotel furniture with unique design styles and functions.

We has world-advanced production line of furniture, fully computer controlled system, advanced central dust collection system and dust-free paint room, which specialize in furniture design, manufacture, marketing and one-station service of interior matched furiture.

1.Tell Us Your Ideas & Requirements

● Hotel Project Name

● Hotel Project Scenarios

● Types of hotel furniture(King,Queen,Chair,Table,Mirror,Light...)

● Provide your customization needs(Size, color, material..)

3.Confirm Your Purchase Order

Once you agree to our customized plan and quotation, we will draft a contract and create an order for you to make payment. We will also make production plans for the order as soon as possible so that we can complete it on time.

2.Provides Price Quote & Free Solutions

Based on the results of the requirements analysis, our design team will proceed to develop a furniture design plan. In this process, we will consider factors such as overall decoration style, functional requirements, and space utilization, striving to achieve a perfect integration of furniture and the entire environment of the hotel. At the same time, we will also adjust and optimize our solutions based on customer needs and feedback.

● Provide product drawings

● Inviting customers to confirm drawings(Customers supplement or propose modification suggestions)

● Product quotation(inculde:Product price,Estimated Shipping Freight,Tarrifs)

● Delivery time (Production cycle, shipping time)

4.Production process

● Material preparation: According to the order requirements, prepare suitable raw materials such as wood, boards, hardware accessories, etc. And conduct quality inspections on the materials to ensure compliance with environmental and quality standards.

● Production : Fine machining of each component according to the design drawings. The processing process includes cutting, polishing, assembly, etc. During the production process, quality checks will be conducted to ensure that all components meet the design requirements.

● Paint coating: Apply paint coating to finished furniture to enhance aesthetics and protect wood. The painting process should be carried out in accordance with environmental standards to ensure that the paint is harmless.

● Packaging and shipping: Package the completed furniture to ensure that it is not damaged during transportation.

● After installation: After arriving at the destination, we will provide the installation manual for the product. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please feel free to consult us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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Introduction to Materials for Making Hotel Furniture

Medium Density Fiberboard(Abbreviated as MDF)
The surface of MDF is smooth and flat, with fine materials, diverse colors and textures, which can present different visual effects. The structure of density board is uniform, the material is stable, not easily affected by moisture, and can adapt to different climate and environmental conditions. Therefore, furniture made of MDF has a longer service life. Secondly, the raw materials of MDF are mostly wood fibers or plant fibers, which are more environmentally friendly and in line with modern people's green home concept.
Plywood has good plasticity and processability, making it convenient to make furniture of various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different styles of furniture. Secondly, Plywood has good water resistance, is not easily affected by moisture or deformation, and can adapt to humidity changes in the home environment,
Marble is a natural stone material that is very solid, lightweight, and not easily deformed or damaged under pressure. In furniture manufacturing, we widely use marble, and furniture made of marble is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean. The marble tabletop is beautiful and elegant, durable, and is one of the commonly used materials for hotel furniture production.
Hardware as a fundamental component in furniture, can achieve connections between different parts of the furniture, such as screws, nuts, connecting rods, etc. They can firmly connect the various parts of furniture together, ensuring the stability and safety of the furniture.In addition to structural connections, hardware can also achieve various functions of furniture, such as drawer slides, door hinges, air pressure rods, etc. These hardware components can make furniture more convenient and flexible during use, improving comfort and convenience. In addition, hardware also plays an important decorative role in some high-end hotel furniture. For example, metal hinges, metal handles, metal feet, etc. can enhance the aesthetic appearance of furniture and enhance the overall decorative effect.

We mainly wholesale manufacture and custom. Manufacturing products in bulk also reduces the unit price and shipping costs of the product. We also accept small batch orders with a certain MOQ to help buyers better test our products and receive market feedback quickly. Contact us today, chat with us online or call +86 15356090777 to start your project.
Taisen is a Hotel furniture supplier with factory customization service. We support customized items such as custom, packaging, color,size,and different hotel project etc. Each custom item has a different product MOQ. From product design to customization, Taisen provides the best value-added services for your products. We support customization for all products, Welcome to OEM&ODM orders !

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