Small trick to clean up the furniture

This business is really no one wants to do it, but some things are too long, not only can not clean it, but also spend money to clean, such as the current tiles, kitchen hoods, etc. Today Come to teach everyone how to clean and clean at home, saving money and effort.

This tile is really pretty when you look at it at home. After all, it is hard to pick it up. It is usually better to clean it up. However, some pieces will turn yellow after a long time. This time is not very good. Well cleaned up, you have to change it, you can’t change it all, and you don’t have to have such a tile. If you find someone to clean it, it’s not worth it. But I can’t clean it up, don’t worry, let me teach you a trick.

First, drag the ground again, then rinse the mop. At this time, the ground is already a little bit of water. At this time, you can point the detergent on the block and let it stay on the ground for about 5 minutes. About 5 minutes. Then you can wipe it with gauze or a brush. The method works very well.

Then, teach everyone a small coup that can be used for nearly a week without delay.

First, we need to find a clean bottle, add half of the water to it, add white wine and white vinegar, and baking soda and detergent. Fully integrated, this is to sprinkle on the ground, then drag it over again, the method is not very simple, and quickly try it.

Not only is the tile difficult to clean, but the kitchen hood is also difficult to clean, but it is really indispensable for us now. Why is that? Because when we cook and cook now, there will always be oil and smoke. At this time, it will let it come out. Otherwise, these fumes will come on the wall, not only ugly but also very difficult to clean up. Clean up is not good, it is expensive to spend money to clean up. Now, just teach you a way, you can get it yourself at home, save effort, save money, and operate very simply.

In fact, the method is very simple. We all know that if there is oil in our hands, it will be washed with soap. Then we can also use it to clean the range hood, take off the range hood, and then soak in soapy water. It will be fine after a while, and it will become very clean. Here, you can also use detergent to replace it.

Post time: Nov-30-2020
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