Furniture feng shui(1)

From ancient times to the present, the relationship between Feng Shui and architecture is also very close. Ancient architecture, especially those palaces, monasteries, bureaucrats, gardens, etc., are very feng shui. So far, Hong Kong has attached great importance to feng shui. Therefore, today, will tell you about how the living room solid wood furniture is placed in the wind.

Getting started is the living room, the living room is the place to receive guests, so the correct plan is to enter the living room as soon as you enter the gate. If you need to arrive in the bedroom or kitchen, you will be able to isolate the inside and outside of the house and make the life lack privacy. It is also easy for the work or business to be derailed and leaked. The light is sufficient, the ancients said that “the hall is dark”, which means that the lighting in the living room must be sufficient, the air must be circulated, so if it can be filled with positive energy at any time, the index of good luck will naturally increase.

The sofa is placed in the residence of the Kyrgyzstan. The place where the sofa is located can be said to be the focus of the family. An old man is sitting there every day. If the sofa is placed in the residence of the house, the family can be tempted and the whole family can be safe. Generally speaking, the house’s Kyrgyzstan sits north at the 45-degree diagonal of the living room door. If placed in the wrong feng shui position, it will damage the health and career of the family.

The sofa is most afraid of the top of the beam. Beam topping is a big deal in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. If there is a beam on the sofa, the impact is very large and must be avoided. If it is not under the beam, then you must put two pots on the coffee table on both sides of the sofa to carry the pressure on the wind and water. The swinging of the sofa is suitable for each arm on both sides, symbolizing the left and right support. If the area is too small to do the left and right protection, the second best thing is to set up another sofa at the water level to form a water collection. After more than 30 years of accumulation of solid wood furniture art and the pursuit of quality life, Guangming Furniture works with you to create the art of living.

Post time: Nov-26-2020
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