Eight maintenance methods for wooden furniture(1)

1the soap maintenance method

Every once in a while, the wooden furniture should be cleaned once. When washing, use a soft rag or sponge to scrub with warm soapy water. After drying, brush it with furniture oil wax to make it bright.

2the milk maintenance method

Use a clean rag to soak in the milk that can’t be drunk, then use a rag to wipe the wooden furniture such as the table, and remove the dirt. Finally, wipe it again with water, suitable for a variety of furniture.

3tea maintenance method

Painted furniture is contaminated with dust, which can be wiped with gauze wrapped in wet tea leaves or scrubbed with cold tea to make the furniture particularly bright and bright.

4 beer maintenance law

Take 1400 ml of boiled light beer, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, mix well. When the mixture is cooled, wipe it with a soft cloth. This law applies to the cleaning of beech furniture.

5white vinegar maintenance method

Rub the furniture surface with an equal amount of white vinegar and hot water, then rub it with a soft cloth. This Law applies to the maintenance of mahogany furniture and the cleaning of other furniture by the ink stains of the seedlings.

6 lemon maintenance method

If the wood that has been polished or varnished is burned by a heat such as a match. It can be rubbed with half a lemon and then rubbed with a soft cloth dipped in hot water. Finally, dry it with a dry soft cloth and polish it to restore it.

Post time: Dec-24-2020
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