What is the difference between French furniture and European style home?(1)

First, the French furniture has a rich aristocratic court color, fine workmanship, rich in artistic atmosphere. France is a country that understands life. Its fashion, perfume and cooking are world-famous. French furniture, which is part of the French art of living, is no exception. It inherits the unique temperament of the Frenchman – perfection and sensuality. French furniture is known for its purity, simplicity and simplicity. Romantic French people prefer bright colors, with beige, white and primary colors. Therefore, some people call French furniture “sensible furniture.”


Second, the so-called European style, just a general term, like Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, are very characteristic, these are also European style. European classical furniture is mainly divided into “baroque furniture” and “Rococo furniture”. Later, there appeared a relatively simple “new classical furniture”. They mainly have three characteristics:

1. The lines are complicated and the carvings are emphasized: “Baroque furniture” has complex and exquisite carving patterns; “Rococo furniture”, although it also pays attention to engraving, but the lines are softer; and “new classical furniture” The lines are brighter and the texture is mainly expressed in the intarsia.


2, preference for bright colors: especially the “baroque furniture” color is very strong, which is dominated by gold as the main color, mostly with gold or gold foil to decorate, looks magnificent; “Rococo furniture” color is softer, The beige and white pattern is its main color; “New classical furniture” is more color-oriented to warm colors, such as wood color.


3, pay attention to decoration: whether it is “classical” or “new classical furniture”, you can often see all kinds of embroidered cloth, tassels and rivets and other decorations.


Post time: Nov-23-2020
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