What about headboard? You can rely on your appearance, but you must have talent!

Headboard is generally easy to be ignored, but when you stand in the bedroom to enjoy your “nest”, you may feel as if there is something missing and what is wrong. This is likely to be the headboard is not selected, headboard is not only the face of the bed, or the face of the bedroom, brilliant headboard can play the role of finishing the point.

Practicality is a new setting extended from the contemporary headboard design, which has both aesthetic and functional creation, enriches its own setting and presentation, and endows space with more concrete life perception.

01. Protective effect

If there is no headboard at the head of the bed, the wall will conduct moisture. After a long time, there will be migraine. Therefore, the headboard plays a role in protecting the head and preventing moisture from entering the brain.


02. Dependence
Before going to bed at night, you can lie on it for a while, read books or brush your mobile phone. If there is a headboard, it can be very comfortable without a pillow.


03. Storage

In the initial setting of headboard, it is given the current favorite storage function. In order to produce as much storage space as possible, it should be planned according to the actual space size. To redefine the headboard by extending the square of the area to accommodate it.


04. Partition barrier
As a kind of presentation of partition, it is another kind of upgraded display, which is suitable for making long and narrow bedrooms. In the design, it can be one-half, can stand up to the sky, everything is based on the actual area to create.
The construction of the natural barrier has re divided the bedroom pattern, and the mutual integration of headboard and partition function makes the three-dimensional feeling in the space more intense.


05. Decorative function
First of all, the purpose of headboard existence is to play a marking effect, let a person see at a glance which side the head faces when the host sleeps. In addition, a bed design is not good-looking, headboard occupied a lot of factors.


06. Psychological impact
Psychologically speaking, there will be no sense of security at the head of the bed. If you sleep for a long time, it will lead to mental stress, paranoia, poor sleep quality, which is not conducive to health.



Post time: Nov-19-2020
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