The life of furniture

Furniture, a simple word. But who knows the meaning of furniture? Furniture, is a home without furniture is not a perfect home. The development of furniture has gone through thousands of years, and now there are many categories. American furniture, European furniture, Chinese furniture, rural furniture, Nordic furniture and so on. And I, I like American simple, like the aristocratic breath of Europe type, like the classical of Chinese style, like the kind of tide of furniture of north Europe type, like the amorous feelings of rural furniture. However, what I like most is American furniture and Chinese style, because I like American style to be contracted especially, especially like the tradition in the bone of Chinese style.

Come home, tired, rest. Good furniture is good enjoy, no matter go home lie on sofa or lie on the bed, good furniture lets you whole body relaxed. Bad furniture can really affect your mood, and the home decoration and environment can directly affect a person’s rest, mood and temper. Home decoration and furniture also can see that a person’s taste and personality, cheerful young like that kind of contracted, American youth of the collect inside like the rural or north European style, success like European atmosphere, enjoy the old is the kind of traditional Chinese style, of children room decoration to elements, theme room, isn’t it interesting, furniture knowledge luck is far more than that! The lumber of furniture is very important also, also have collect value, be like what huanghualu for instance, annatto, golden silk nanmu, small leaf rosewood, ebony, jujube wood, chicken wing wood is too much, these have very high collect value, and put in the home also times son has face.

Furniture is furniture, is not the same thing, is not the same fireworks, but will always stay in the sky into the brightest star. Furniture is craftsmanship craft, especially pure solid wood, a lot of high-grade still use the making craft of old generation, it is true craftsmanship makes, the tradition of old ancestor cannot throw.

Furniture, an ordinary word has an extraordinary life, quietly making contributions, ordinary through life, the end of the last road is flying ash annihilation. Actually person a lot of things used for a long time can produce a kind of sincere feeling, treat furniture a lot of also such, so buy good furniture ability to accompany you to walk a lifetime, do not abandon.

Furniture, born in nature, died in human, but the service of this human. At the end of the furniture’s life, a once-in-a-lifetime burst of light and heat would turn into ashes and return to mother nature.

Post time: Dec-12-2019
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