Ming-style furniture(1)

Ming-style furniture is not indicative of contemporary furniture. Ming Dynasty furniture refers specifically to furniture made in the Ming Dynasty. Ming furniture is the concept of time, while Ming furniture bai is the concept of art. There is a fundamental difference between the two. Ming-style furniture is an artistic achievement formed in the Ming Dynasty in my country, and is hailed as a pearl of oriental art by the world. It enjoys a high reputation in the world furniture system. Ming-style furniture has the following style characteristics: 1. The shape is generous, the proportion is moderate, and the outline is concise and stretched. 2. The structure is scientific and reasonable, the tenon and tenon joints are precise, solid and firm. 3. Good at selecting materials and ingredients, paying attention to the natural texture and color of the wood itself. 4. Carved red feet are handled properly. 5. The metal ornaments are exquisite in style and soft in color, which play a good decorative role. Regarding the style characteristics of Ming-style furniture, Mr. Wang Shixiang has comprehensively analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Ming-style furniture in his two articles “Products of Ming-style Furniture” and “Disease of Ming-style Furniture”. He classified Ming-style furniture into five groups, a total of sixteen items. They are as follows: The first group: concise, simple, honest, dignified, majestic, round and deep. The second group: Nong Hua, Wen Qi, Yan Xiu. The third group: Jinting, soft. The fourth group: empty and exquisite. The fifth group: elegant and fresh. In Ming-style furniture, it is not completely perfect, and there are also unsatisfactory and inadequate conveniences. Mr. Wang summarized them as “eight diseases”. They are: cumbersome, redundant, bloated, stagnant, delicate, absurd, out of place, and slang.

Post time: Oct-29-2020
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